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All about sock sizes and the difference between women’s and men’s socks.

Choosing the right size sock is important for comfort and durability, but sock sizing can be confusing, every country can be different. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need a medium or a large, what about men’s or women’s sizes?  Let us help make it a little easier.

Many sock manufacturers have a women’s and men’s range of socks. However, there’s no need for that if socks are made properly. The main difference between men’s or women’s sizes apart from the length is the width. For a small or shorter foot we need to take into account a narrower foot, as if we just knit a tube shorter, that would leave smaller feet swimming around, leading to friction, heat, blisters, excessive wear and socks bunching in different parts of your Woman and Man wearing Lindner Socks shoes.

On the other hand, as we go to medium or large (for example, size 9 through to 14’s) we need to be aware of wider feet, wider ankles and wider calves. Getting socks on, or elastic being too tight can be a problem.

By carefully making socks that have a tube size appropriate for the length, our socks can be worn by women or men. Our size guide for our socks shows the equivalent women’s or men’s shoe sizing, making it easy for you to choose the correct pair.

Knitting styles and yarn composition will affect the way socks mould to feet, but overall the knitting tension and size of the sock tube is the main factor to consider.

The issue with generic socks these days is that many customers are near the edge of a particular size and they are either far too big, or the heel is well under the foot.

We knit our socks large enough, to allow for normal shrinkage that will occur with the first few washes. So there is no need to buy bigger. Providing cold wash, no tumble dryer instructions are followed of course.

PS. If you require custom sizes such as  a size 17 or larger, or if you require non standard socks without elastic, then please contact us (02) 48320202 or email  We often make custom socks for our customers and we’re always happy to chat about your requirements