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Capturing the essence of Lindner Socks

by Lindner Socks | August 25, 2020
Capturing the essence of Lindner Socks

We recently collaborated with the wonderfully talented Sydney-based photographer and storyteller Jay Lioz, who helped to capture the essence of what we do here at Lindner Socks, and why we do it. Jay travelled to Crookwell to visit the our shop and factory, along with the family farm which is home to Andrew and Lucy Lindner and their two young children.

Piqued by her interest in the family-history behind Lindner Socks, our use of local fibres and vintage machinery, as well as our connection to the local community, Jay approached us to ask if she could photograph various aspects of the business – and the results were incredible!

Through her keen eye and ability to communicate through imagery, Jay captured beautiful images of our factory, shop and the Crookwell community.

While at the family farm, Jay also captured images of Lucy’s work in researching the Lindner family history, and documented the before and after of how regenerative farming practices are helping to transform the landscape at the Lindner family farm.

For more information about Jay Lioz and her incredible images and storytelling, please visit her website:

Picture credit: Jay Lioz Photography