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Lindner Socks Re-Brand Launched!

by Lucy | December 5, 2019
Lindner Socks Re-Brand Launched!

End of the year already…..

Time has once again run away, and we find ourselves at the end of another year, reflecting on all that has happened.  A whole new look with a fresh brand image, a few new products for our online offering, upgrades and changes to our website, and the usual business of knitting up woolly socks.

This year, all our thoughts turn to the many families and communities who have been suffering through drought and bushfires across Australia.  The dry and windy conditions have been relentless, and our hearts go out to all those just waiting for the reprieve that only rain can bring. 

The resilience shown by so many faced with these devastating circumstances is something to be admired, and it has been incredible to witness how the support of initiatives such as @BuyFromTheBush and #OneDayCloserToRain have bolstered the spirits of those in severe drought conditions. 

These movements have re-connected city to country in the most mutually beneficial way, and have revealed just how many truly original and inspiring products are on offer in the bush.  We know our Christmas shopping has been much more exciting than usual, finding all sorts of unique treasures from far flung towns.  It is great to see social media being used for such a positive cause.

In our business, we notice and appreciate the support of those who consciously choose to support Australian manufacturing.  We know first-hand the massive positive impact that can be made each time consumers choose to buy from locally owned regional businesses, and so we encourage everyone to choose to “Buy From The Bush” whenever they can.  Those folks out in drought-ravaged Australia will notice every little purchase, and it will make a huge difference to their lives and livelihoods.


Our much-anticipated new look is ready to roll out with the arrival of our new packaging hot off the press.A selection of Lindner Socks' new packaging

More than eighteen months of work has gone into the re-brand of Lindner Quality Socks.  At the outset, we didn’t anticipate that it would be such a huge task, but we’re so pleased we powered on through some tough decisions to come to this final result. 

We’re so excited to embark on this new chapter of the Lindner story with you, and we’d love to begin by sharing our updated image, and a few insights as to how and why it came about.

A Little Background

We identified the need to review our brand way back in 2017 when we were revising our business plan.  We realised that despite the importance we place on our heritage, the way the business had been naturally evolving, and future we envisaged, was taking us in a new direction and our branding needed to reflect that. 

Our original 3L logo has seen the Lindner Family through three factories and three generations on two continents.  It served us well, and it has a definite retro charm about it, but it no longer complemented our products and it did not meld with the course we have charted for the future.

Additionally, our product range has expanded over the past few years.  We needed some structure behind our different lines of products, tied together by a cohesive look. 

What’s New

Many of you have followed our last few newsletters and our recent website changes, which presented our new collections and product names.  An online sneak-peak back in August of some aspects of our re-brand explained that we have new names for all the products offered by Lindner Quality Socks, and that they now fall under three collections; Heritage, Tablelands, and Luxury.

In addition to our new collections and product names, we have new brand colours, packaging and logo. 

Lindner Socks new inline logoOur name remains.  Over the last thirty years in Australia our customers have grown to know and trust Lindner Quality Socks, and we plan to be around for a long time yet.  We put our family name to our brand because we wear our name with pride in what we do both personally and professionally. 

Now, we’re very pleased to present to you our new logo.  Designed by the talented Jon Shirley of Jon Shirley Creative in Canberra, our new logo brings a fresh, modern feel to our brand whilst maintaining elements that link back to the old. 

For those of you interested in the whole story behind our re-brand, and images showing the evolution of the Lindner Logo from the 1970s to today, you can check out the full story


Sock Packaging

Our re-brand has given us the perfect opportunity to make eco-conscious choices regarding our new packaging.

We have selected all post-consumer recycled materials for our card stock, in both Ecostar White Uncoated and Botany Kraft card stock. 

We spent a lot of time researching print methods and made a deliberate choice to not use any foil stamping, spot UV or any other plastic coatings, so that our packaging remains fully recyclable and we don’t utilise any harmful chemicals.

By choosing to make all of our labelling a wrap style, we have said goodbye to our old swing tags and eliminated the need for plastic attachers. 

Compostable Postage Satchels

Recent changes to Australia Post pricing and policy have now made it a more straight-forward and cost comparative option to use our own satchels, as opposed toLindner Socks New Compostable Shipping Satchels their pre-paid plastic satchels, for sending parcels within Australia.  This is a change we have been petitioning for for over a year, and when the system came into effect in October, we were ready and armed with our new fully compostable satchels from . 

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and we feel very happy in the knowledge that each parcel that goes out of our doors will not end up in landfill for hundreds of years, or in our oceans wreaking havoc on aquatic life.  We would like to note, however, that we do have some remaining Australia Post pre-paid satchels that we still had in stock in October, so we will be sending out the remainder of those as we make the transition to our fully compostable bags.  If you happen to be the recipient of one of the old red and white plastic bags, please consider disposing of it along with other household soft plastics at your nearest RedCycle bin.



You’ll notice a few changes happening on our website over the coming weeks.  The first of these is a very exciting step for us; we’re finally offering our much-loved Lindner Socks new Fullerton rugby top style jumpers‘Fullerton’ merino rugby-style jumpers for online purchase.  These have been a favourite for visitors to our shop in Crookwell for many years, and are a brilliant light-weight garment for spring and autumn weather, or for easy layering in winter months.

Soon to follow will be a new style in our Luxury Collection socks, and some fresh images of our other apparel items.

We’ll also bring the look of the website into line with the new branding, updating design elements in a few stages over time.


To all of our valued customers, we thank you for another year of your wonderful support.  We always appreciate your engagement and your choice to support us.  We wish you all the very best for a happy Christmas and New Year.  May 2020 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Lindner Socks Christmas Trading Hours

We will be closed as of midday Christmas Eve

The Sock Shop re-opens on 6th January for limited trading hours 10:00am-2:00pm weekdays and 9:30am-12:30pm Saturdays

Normal trading hours and full production will resume 27th January