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We're proud to announce the launch of our new online store

by Andrew | August 1, 2019
We're proud to announce the launch of our new online store

At Lindner Socks, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring about some changes to our website. 

When you first visit the site you may not notice much difference, but when you decide to buy some socks you’ll find that we’ve reorganised our products and how you shop. The goal was to make it easier for you to find the products you need, to make size and colour selections, and to add your selected products to the shopping cart.

Of course, while we’re ensuring we keep up with changes in technology and improving ease-of-use of our website no matter what device you are on, we’re also completely committed to maintaining the timeless quality of our socks and giving you the personal service that we’ve always provided.

Concurrently, we are in the process of overhauling our branding, including our logo, our packaging and our brand colours.   We’re still working on finalising the details of our new brand image and when all the loose ends are tidied up, we will bring you a comprehensive brand launch to share the thoughts behind our new look. 

Meanwhile, the updates on the website will give you a sneak peak at some aspects of the new branding.  You will notice that we have re-named our products and arranged them under the banners of three collections; Heritage, Tablelands, and Luxury.  We’re excited to present our products to you in this way, as now each pair of socks we make and each article of apparel we offer links back to the history and geography that give Lindner Socks our identity.

The Heritage Collection brings together the many styles we’ve been making since we first started knitting socks in Australia in 1988.  It’s a testament to the design and quality of these socks that they’re still sought after and loved by customers after all these years.  Knitted from merino wool or cotton, or a blend of the two, the individual styles in the Heritage Collection are named after our forebears, each of whom is a part of our long lineage of sock-makers.  We are proud to honour those who came before us.

The Tablelands Collection are the socks knitted from the wonderful fine merino wool grown by our local farmers on the Southern Tablelands of NSW.  This area is renown for its long history in wool production, and the knowledge and expertise of our local farmers ensures that the yarn from which these socks, scarves, beanies and jumpers are knitted consistently meets the fine micron and fibre strength requirements to deliver soft yet durable end products.  Each item in the Tablelands Collection borrows its name from a town or locality within the Southern Tablelands to give a nod to the growers, and the people and places that make this place home to Lindner Socks.

Our Luxury Collection encompasses our newest additions to the product range.  These are beautiful socks made from fine local merino wool, and alpaca yarn blended with silk, as well as the softest and warmest scarves knitted from 100% alpaca fibre. These products are named after some of the towns in our local region.  We will be introducing new styles in the collection over the coming months, and we’re sure you will love them.

While our new Collections group products primarily by the fibre from which they are made, a new function of the renovated website is the arrangement of products into categories of use; Casual, Dress and Leisure.  We’ve looked at each style and assigned them to one or more categories according to their best use to make it easier for you to find the product you need.  Many of our sock styles are quite versatile, so don’t feel limited by these categorisations.  They are simply a tool to help guide you through our range. 

Ordering Guide

While we’ve taken great care to make the ordering of socks as easy for you as possible, we understand that change can be confusing.

To help introduce our new online store, we’ve created a short gallery with tips about the ordering process and added brief comments to help guide you along the way if you need assistance.

If you run into any difficulty with the ordering process or if you find any bugs in our new system, please feel free to call us on 02 4832 0202 or email, we’re always happy to chat and would welcome any feedback.

Thanks from all of us here for your loyalty, and for coming along this journey with us as we evolve our old-fashioned business to fit in with modern technology.

With best regards from the team at Lindner Socks.