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by Lucy | March 25, 2020

You’ve doubtless already received many e-mails talking about Covid-19 and the response of governments, services and businesses. With the impacts of shutdowns on businesses, employees, families, and the economy, we’re all facing a difficult time over the coming months. As each new day unfolds, we are trying to do our best to keep one step ahead.

Our aim is to continue employing our people, manufacturing and trading as much as we can within the new and ever-changing economic environment.

Where possible we are setting our staff up in their homes with computers and sewing machines so that they can continue in their work in a safe environment, and we can all continue to manufacture and to serve our customers.  We want to enable parents to be home with their children, take proactive and positive measures to support self-isolation by choice, whether we have the virus or not.

Our online system will hopefully continue as normal, so online deliveries will be our focus.
Please be patient with us as our actual factory will be down to smaller hours and a skeleton staff (family only on premises).

Given that some businesses have been forced to close, we feel that we should do as much as we can to show solidarity and respect for those already facing very difficult circumstances. If we can all do our little bit now, then hopefully we can all get back to some normality or a new, workable balance of the current situation sooner.

To show our support of those being forced to close, we will do our part and close our factory and shop space to visitors for now. So please use our online service or try the phone.

With regard to manufacturing, and processing and dispatching online and phone orders, we’re taking particular care to follow Health Department guidelines and keep our factory and shop clean, following appropriate personal space instructions, ensuring regular hand washing, and regularly wiping surfaces with disinfectant.

We’ve also taken additional measures when handling the socks and especially packing, with staff ensuring hands are thoroughly washed with soap and minimising physical contact with the products.  

We are exploring options for sourcing gloves, however we do not want to be depleting supplies that would be more beneficial to people working in essential cleaning, health care, child-care or food supply industries.  Instead, at this stage, we will allow packaged orders to sit for two days prior to posting to ensure that by the time they are opened by the recipients a full three days have passed without any contact with the product inside the satchel.  It is our understanding that the virus should not be viable on surfaces after three days.

Only two people within the Lindner family will be packaging orders, and we have been very strict with social distancing measures for the past week.  We are personally limiting our contact to immediate family, our home, the Sock Shop, and buying essential grocery items, and we are strictly adhering to social distancing and personal hygiene measures. You can order socks and apparel online or over the phone confident in the knowledge that we’re taking extra care to avoid any chance of viral infection.

We feel a very powerful sense of responsibility to protect our customers, our staff, our local community, and all the vulnerable people within our national community from the impacts of this virus, in terms of both physical health and also mental and economic well-being.  We all have a role to play to combat this dreadful outbreak and we take ours very seriously.  

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank the true heroes in this fight against COVID-19.  Thank-you to the front-line health care workers.  We know there is a long and difficult task ahead of you, and you are already stretched as you selflessly provide care to those who need you and balance that with the needs of your own families.  We hope we can all come together (figuratively) to help minimise the impacts and flatten the curve.

Thanks also to those taking care of the children of those who must continue to go to work.  A huge amount is being asked of you, and as usual you are responding with the kindness and compassion you always show, putting the needs of the children and the wider community ahead of your own.

Thanks to the people who are keeping us fed and supplied with household essentials and medications.  The supermarket workers, pharmacy staff, the supply-chain, delivery drivers, and the farmers.  It is not often we have the reality check hit us, as it has in the past week or two, that the work you do is so very critical.  Thanks for the hours you are putting in, the risks you are taking, and your willingness to adapt in a swiftly changing setting.  We’d be pretty stuffed without you.

So many people in small business, casual employment, tourism and hospitality are really having a hard time right now.  We hope to see an end to the viral spread as soon as possible so that everyone can find their feet once more and work to rebuild again.

We recognise that many people will be at home, trying to work from home and maintain an income, or self-isolating, or simply waiting it out having lost employment.  We have one small request on behalf of all small businesses to anyone with time on their hands and a penchant for social media and online shopping.  If you are fortunate enough to have a steady income please remember that even a small online purchase might keep a shop ticking along, or a staff member employed.  Browse your favourite online store, or discover new small businesses on Instagram.  If you have necessary purchases to make, make them consciously with the idea of keeping people in business.  If you can’t afford to spend money, remember you can still make a huge difference by liking, sharing, following, tagging and commenting on social media platforms.  The more small businesses that survive this period, and the more staff that remain employed, the better the economic recovery will be when all this passes.

Thank-you as always to our amazing customers and friends for always supporting us so generously.  We hope you, your families, friends, businesses and colleagues all stay healthy and support one another through this.

If you have any concerns at all, you’re welcome to contact Andrew to discuss.

Our Sale Category returns

We’ve been busy in recent times launching a number of new products, and making space in our small warehouse to store them. We found some Narrawa socks that we haven’t had in our online store for some time, and we also have excess stock of our always popular Roslyn range. All of these socks are from our Tablelands Collection and are made of beautiful local merino wool.

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New Products

Our new range of apparel launched late last year has proven very popular. In addition to our Golspie Beanies and Fullerton Merino Rugby Tops, we’ve expanded the range of scarves with the new Tuena and Gunning Luxury Alpaca range.