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Upper Lachlan Foundation

by Prue | March 4, 2016
Upper Lachlan Foundation

Upper Lachlan Foundation is proud to have a program with Lindner Quality Socks that resonates strongly with our agricultural history and farming communities.  The contribution received from in store sales of locally manufactured merino products from locally sourced WoolConnect yarn demonstrates the strength, trust and support that keeps our community resilient and vibrant.

We wish to thank and acknowledge Lindner Quality Socks as our inaugural business partner.

Upper Lachlan Foundation was formed in 2011 following the devastating decade long drought that caused many farming families to live hand to mouth for years and negatively impacted the local businesses.  The plan was to raise funds, invest them in perpetuity, similar to a superannuation fund and proceeds from the interest earned could be directed back into the community.  

From modest beginnings, ULF has over $200,000 invested with the Public Trustee for the ACT earning interest from membership, donations, sponsors and bequests.  The structure of ULF is set up to ensure that the principal cannot be touched, thus ensuring the continued growth into perpetuity.  

Foundation Board Member, Garry Kadwell, explains, “Upper Lachlan Foundation is returning funds by way of grants to our community that can make a real difference to groups and organisations.  The fact that membership fees or donations to ULF can return, in perpetuity, a renewable income stream year on year will make our region, our communities stronger and well supported into the future”.

Clubs or groups can have a named Trust that support specific areas they wish to target and a named trust can relieve some of the fund raising pressures.  The more that is invested, the more interest earned, the more funds available to go back into the community, group or project. 

ULF has a web site that details their activities and where membership forms can be downloaded and for a modest investment of $20 per annum, your money can help ULF grow and continue to give back to our community.

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