Lindner Quality Socks

Spoil mum with a cosy, thick, warm pair of merino socks.

Thick full cushioned socks, knitted from locally sourced merino wool in Crookwell, Australia.

 Our ‘Roslyn’ Thick Full Cushioned Socks are so
warm and cosy, you might never want to take them off.
Made with high quality soft merino wool from the Southern Tablelands in NSW, these socks are made for comfort giving your feet a nice warm hug.

These socks are superior insulators and offer great moisture control, no smelly, sweaty feet.

For Mothers day, we know that these socks will be a winner.

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Warm soft merino wool socks the perfect mothers day gift, made in Australia.

 Our Roslyn socks are knitted with a full cushion inside with lots of tiny terry towelling like loops, this provides the air pockets to achieve dry and well insulated feet. As the socks are washed and worn, they mould to the shape of the foot, helped by our deep well rounded heel. 

Customer testimonial

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"I recently discovered Lindner socks as I needed warm socks to battle the Canberra cold. After doing my research I decided on merino wool socks and found Lindner Socks, made in Australia and based on quality rather than quantity I ordered my first 3 pairs. I received the socks within days along with a hand written note thanking me for my business, being in sales I appreciated it and it was nice to see a personal touch. The quality of the socks are amazing, the warmth and comfort equally amazing! I loved them so much I ordered another 6 pairs today! Thank you for a fantastic product

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