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Woman in trench coat, jeans and boots wearing Lindner merino wool Narrawa socks at the Crookwell Railway Station with people in the background and Autumn leaves

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Locally knitted merino wool socks that fit and last 

Our Narrawa ribbed merino socks are an absolute all-rounder; versatile for many shoes or simply as bed socks.

The heel shape and ribbed knit hugs your foot and keeps these socks in place, anchored to your feet. This minimises abrasion and rub points giving greater comfort for the wearer and longevity of the socks. 

These merino wool socks are available with standard elasticised tops, or in our loose top version for those who need to avoid tight tops to help improve circulation, which may help people with diabetes or cold extremities.

The combination of 80% soft merino and 20% nylon offers a soft, warm feel without any prickle or itch, great moisture control and antimicrobial properties, and strength for washing and wearing.



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Our Customer Service 
We are always happy to chat and will be available however you want to get in touch. Whether you prefer email, talking on the phone, or even visiting us in person at the factory (when we're free to move around again), we'd love to hear from you. If you need a custom size or style we may be able to help you out, so give us a call to discuss the possibilities.  Should you encounter any problems or faults, then we are at your service to resolve it fast.

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