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Excellent comfort, fit and durability - Socks for the Outdoors from Lindner Quality Socks

While most socks are versatile and can be worn for many different uses, for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and outdoor work, we recommend merino wool socks. Lindner socks being worn in the Swiss mountains

Natural merino is better suited to the task of insulation and moisture control provides outstanding comfort and insulation, is durable, and unlike regular wool it doesn’t itch. The outstanding property of merino wool is that it insulates your feet effectively whether wet or dry, even if your boots and socks are wet your feet won’t get cold. If you’re boots and socks are dry, the fibres effectively wick away moisture from sweat but doesn’t get as stinky as synthetic fabrics.

Most of these socks have thick cushioning for all day comfort and are long enough to guard against your boots chafing your ankles. Fit is always important for any sock, a well fitting pair will help you avoid blisters whether you’re working on a concrete floor all day or out on a long arduous hike. Our socks are all knitted on classic knitting machines that create socks that fit perfectly, avoiding bunching or slipping.

Different outdoor activities need different sock styles.

For hiking, medium thickness soft socks ensure a snug fit. The thick cushioning provides protection on the high impact areas of the foot, and good moisture wicking properties keep you feet dry. Our mid calf length socks ensure that your boots don’t chafe your ankles and the hand finished toe seams mean fewer blisters.

For rugged terrain and weather extremes, our thickest socks are the best option, the extra padding keeps you warm and comfortable regardless of the weather.

If you’re a motorbike rider, you’ll love the outstanding warmth and comfort of our full length socks.

If you work around heat sources, work safety can be important, synthetic fibres easily melt and can burn into skin, where wool can retard fire for quite some time.

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