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Local Merino - Thick Full Cushioned Socks

With all the new products we've been releasing, the stock room is bulging at the seams and we need to reduce some stock. These beautiful pink Roslyn socks are currently on sale.

Our Roslyn Thick Full Cushioned Socks are so comfortable you might never want to take them off. Made with high quality 18.5 to 19 micron merino wool from the Southern Tablelands, these socks are made for comfort, support, and softness.

Even after a long day hiking, or at work, the thick all around padding keeps your feet feeling fresh.

The thick construction makes them a smooth fit and easy to put on, and they're robust to make them an ideal choice for wearing with work boots, gumboots, or hiking. Our Roslyn Thick Full Cushioned Socks are also popular as bed socks to keep you cosy in the coldest weather.

Note: If you require extra hard wearing thick wool socks then please consider our "Minna" or "Max" socks in the Heritage collection.

This pair of socks is knitted with 85% wool and 15% nylon

These socks are 18.5 to 19 micron merino wool, with a high comfort factor in excess of 98% sourced from the Southern Tablelands.

They are made using 84 needles, and comprises A terry knitting instrument lying between every needle on the machine creates a warm and springy cushion inside the sock. The air pockets within the terry knit act to insulate your feet whilst allowing them to breathe and allowing the wool fibres to absorb any moisture, keeping your feet comfortable and dry in hot or cold weather.

Note: If you require extra hard wearing thick wool socks then please consider our "Minna" or "Max" socks in the Heritage collection.

This pair weighs approximately 190 grams.

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Sock Size Guide

SIZE Shoe Size Measurement

Children’s 13 to Ladies 4

18.5 – 21.5 cm


Ladies - 5 to 8.5 
Men’s – 4 to 6.5

21.5 – 24.5 cm

Men’s 7 to 10.5 
Ladies – 9 to 12

25 – 28.5 cm
L Men’s – 11 to 14 29-32 cm

*Tip: – measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
These sizes will be correct after the first and second wash.

Beanie Size Guide


46cm - 62cm


52cm - 68cm

L 56cm - 72cm