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Walter Argyle - Heritage Merino


Merino - Argyle Dress Socks

Great for that special occasion or standing out in the office.

From our Heritage Range, these diamond-patterned Argyle Fine Knit Dress Socks are made with an old-fashioned Bentley Komet acquard sock knitting machine from Leicester England. Beautifully patterned and exceptionally hard wearing, these versatile socks are a must for your collection.

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We use 60% 22.5 micron merino wool yarn and 40% nylon thread, and the patterns are completely knitted. Not only do these socks look great, they also fit snuggly due to a well formed heel. These socks wear extremely well and last a long, long time. 

This pair weighs approximately 70 grams.

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Sock Size Guide

SIZE Shoe Size Measurement

Children’s 13 to Ladies 4

18.5 – 21.5 cm


Ladies - 5 to 8.5 
Men’s – 4 to 6.5

21.5 – 24.5 cm

Men’s 7 to 10.5 
Ladies – 9 to 12

25 – 28.5 cm
L Men’s – 11 to 14 29-32 cm

*Tip: – measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.
These sizes will be correct after the first and second wash.

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                                                                         S                                                  46cm - 62cm

                                                                         M                                                 52cm - 68cm

                                                                         L                                                  56cm - 72cm


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